Terumo Blood and Cell Technologies (Terumo BCT) has received the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance for the Reveos Automated Whole Blood Processing System for commercial use in the US.

The Reveos system is said to be the first whole blood automation device accessible in the US that can process whole blood into platelets and other components in one centrifugation cycle.

Terumo Blood and Cell Technologies has designed the system to improve the blood and platelet supply for patients through automated whole-blood processing.

The FDA clearance will expand the capacity of the blood centres to collect platelets from current whole blood donations more efficiently, said the medical technology company.

Reveos is said to be an easy-to-use automated system that combines the manual steps of whole blood processing.

Traditionally, the separation of whole blood units into platelets, plasma, and red blood cells using a semi-automatic and manual process takes up to 20 steps.

According to the medical technology company, the Reveos system streamlines the procedure and removes more than half of the steps.

Additionally, it helps blood centres in personnel management, cost reduction, and overall efficiency improvement by receiving more blood products from the same number of donors.

Terumo Blood and Cell Technologies said that the Reveos system has been in use for more than 10 years in 52 nations. It will now support US blood centres to address the increasing demand for platelets.

Terumo Blood and Cell Technologies president and CEO Antoinette Gawin said: “Reveos has a long-standing track record for helping blood centres globally meet the critical needs of patients while creating efficiencies in their operations.

“We continue to invest significantly in innovation for the future and in supporting blood centres. Reveos and IMUGARD together target the growing and critical need for platelets. These are just more examples of our holistic work supporting blood centres.”

The medical technology company said that it keeps funding blood centres through investments.

In February 2023, Terumo Blood and Cell Technologies received FDA approval for its IMUGARD WB platelet pooling set, which supports the extended shelf life of whole blood-derived platelets from five days to seven days.