Tekni-Plex Medical has created a “streamlined and cost-effective” way for medical device manufacturers to buy tubing products online.

Design engineers can now select from a “wide variety” of sample-sized tubes via the company’s Chamfr online marketplace – which also promises to ship orders within one business day.

US medical tubing and packaging firm Tekni-Plex Medical said it intends to help manufacturers shorten their testing and commercialisation timelines.

Many of the items available on the Chamfr site will cost less than $100, giving engineers more flexibility to trial tubing options with a range of durometers and performance characteristics for their unique applications.

Meg Henke – the company’s global head of product marketing – said: “Traditionally, if a medical device manufacturer wanted to test potential solutions for a given application, suppliers would require a minimum run purchase, which could cost more than $1,000 per stock-keeping unit and take several weeks to deliver.

“In today’s fast-moving marketplace where device manufacturers constantly race against the clock to deliver new technologies, reducing commercialisation timelines is critical.

“Our goal was to provide a way to help make that happen.”


Online tubing marketplace from Tekni-Plex Medical

Tekni-Plex Medical – a subsidiary of Tekni-Plex – provides medical grade, polymer-based tubing products for medical devices and other applications across its nine manufacturing locations.

Alongside several PVC (polyvinyl chloride) options, its Chamfr marketplace will offer multi-layer and high-performance pump tubing, as well as chemically-resistant structures.

The company’s tubing production is vertically integrated with PVC and TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) compounds manufactured at other Tekni-Plex Medical facilities.

Multi-vendor marketplace Chamfr will give potential buyers access to nearly 1500 components from roughly 25 sellers for their medical device innovations.

It offers a vast range of products including balloons, catheters and accessories, mandrels, nitinol, sutures, needles, thin films, polymer tubing, metal tubing, heat shrink tubing – all of which are “in-stock and ready to ship in 24 hours”.