Synaptive Medical, a leader in automation and robotics, announced a strategic commercial expansion into the spinal surgery market.

As part of this expansion, Synaptive is also announcing a co-marketing collaboration with Stryker’s Advanced Guidance Technologies business for the company’s robotically controlled digital microscope, Modus V.

Synaptive’s initial product offering, the BrightMatter™ suite of products, is focused on enabling surgeons to perform less invasive, patient-specific approaches in complex cranial procedures such as tumor or stroke. Initially launched as part of this cranial offering, Modus V was found by surgeons to provide similar benefits for minimally invasive spinal procedures. A high-power visualization tool, Modus V’s robotic arm moves automatically based on the positions of tracked surgical instruments, which enable surgeons to operate continuously without removing their hands from the operative field to adjust the microscope. This, along with other features such as automatic lighting optimization and hands-free focal depth control, provides surgeons with an uncompromised view during critical moments of each delicate procedure.

“Since our inception, it has been our vision to provide world-class tools that streamline workflow and provide access to critical information, ultimately enabling surgeons to perform highly delicate procedures with greater ease and precision,” said Cameron Piron, president and chief strategy officer of Synaptive. He continued, “Modus V’s state-of-the-art optical and ergonomic features were designed to fulfill that vision and stand to address a natural transition and application in spine.”

Critical to this strategic push into the spine market is the company’s expansion of an existing co-marketing agreement with Stryker. Originally focused on Synaptive’s surgical planning technology, BrightMatter Plan, the expansion will provide surgeons with broader access to an innovative tool for visualization in minimally invasive surgery (MIS) approaches in spinal procedures.

Synaptive’s director of surgical product management, Brad Fernald, said, “Modus V lends significant assistance to surgeons as they approach complex procedures through minimally invasive approaches, which lead to faster recovery times and less trauma for patients. The combination of our technology with Stryker’s navigation, instruments and implants equips surgeons with the tools necessary to perform these complex procedures more efficiently and with greater confidence. Expanding our co-marketing agreement from BrightMatter Plan to include Modus V and our new version of auto-segmented tractography software, Modus Plan™, allows our team to work with Stryker to make these tools available to a much broader audience of both cranial and spinal surgeons.”

Source: Company Press Release