Subtle Medical, a healthcare technology company, just announced its latest funding round a $12.2 million Series A investment led by 3E Bioventures Capital with participation from Fusion Fund, Data Collective, Delta Capital, Tsingyuan Ventures and continued support from other seed investors.

Several key European investors also participated in the round, including Crista Galli Ventures (UK) and Nina Capital (Spain).

Subtle Medical has the industry’s first AI-powered software solutions for vendor-agnostic medical imaging enhancement, SubtleMR™ and SubtlePET™, both FDA-cleared and CE-marked. Centers now have the ability to fulfill the crucial demand of superior image quality on their regular and accelerated scan protocols. Higher quality and more efficient imaging enables increased workflow productivity and a better patient experience.

“Subtle Medical is paving the way for a new generation of AI-powered medical imaging.  In a short time, the company has proven to have a profound impact on the radiology community, and  the value they bring to improve patient care and increase scanner capacity is instrumental and timely in the current healthcare environment,” said Dr. Lue Sun, Vice President at 3E Bioventures. “With their ambitious and promising team leading the way, we believe our partnership will help accelerate their growth.”

Over 50 sites in the US and abroad have adopted Subtle’s technology, including Affidea, the largest imaging provider in the EU, solidifying its clinical and economic impact.  The new round of financing will be used to pursue rapid geographic expansion to meet consumer demand, which has seen an uptick since Covid-19 began as centers require more flexibility to perform additional cleaning protocols between patients and the ability to increase capacity to accommodate the surge in postponed scan volume.

Recent studies published in various journals using real world data further validate the clinical efficacy and safety of Subtle’s AI algorithms. The new financing will further boost Subtle’s product pipeline, which includes SubtleGAD™ for lowering gadolinium dose in contrast-enhanced MRI, and technologies in image-guided therapies and pharmaceutical applications.

Dr. Enhao Gong, Founder & CEO, Subtle Medical, added, “Our mission is to make medical imaging better, safer and more comfortable for patients while creating new workflow efficiencies for hospitals and imaging centers. Having the financial support and domain expertise in healthcare and biopharma from 3E Bioventures will help us execute our vision more rapidly and with global impact.”

Source: Company Press Release