Stryker’s Trauma & Extremities division today announced the launch of its AxSOS 3 Ankle Fusion System, an ankle fusion titanium plate system intended for the fusion of the tibio-talar joint.

The AxSOS 3 Ankle Fusion System was developed using SOMA, Stryker’s proprietary orthopaedic design and development system that applies data from over 25,000 CT images of bones across different populations. As a result, these plates were designed to fit a range of patients with less customization.

“The CP design utilized in Stryker’s forefoot and hindfoot plating systems served as the inspiration to take this technology into ankle fusions,” said Keith Wapner, MD* at Penn Medicine, one of the design surgeons. As it relates to mechanical testing, Dr. Wapner said, “Integrating the stability of plate fixation with the compression of the CP screw allows for a stable ankle fusion construct.”

“We combined Stryker’s CP technology from Anchorage 2 with the company’s AxSOS 3 screw system and incorporated several additional instruments to assist with alignment and compression,” said Michael Coughlin, MD at UCSF Health, one of the design surgeons. “The system is designed to provide surgeons with a dependable, user-friendly, intuitive technology option.”

Source: Company Press Release