Sterling Pathology National Laboratories announced the launch of MGITSP-7000 and MGI SP-960, CLIA-certified COVID-19 automated equipment capable of high-throughput of sample preparation.

The MGITSP-7000 and MGI SP-960 are fully automated workstations featuring a 96-channel pipette, fully automatic operation design, realize walk-away process capability, and can be customized according to user needs. It is an efficient and widely used automated sample preparation system. Sterling Pathology, based in Seal Beach, CA, will begin processing clinical COVID-19 samples to support public health efforts over the coming weeks, with a near-term goal of performing an additional 7,000 tests per day to our current run of 500-1,000 tests per day, with a laboratory turnaround time of 24 hours.

Sterling Pathology’s COVID-19 testing platform connects supply to demand through integrated software to manage test ordering, results delivery, and public health agency case reporting. The software also allows for rapid deployment of onsite or pop-up collection centers, as well as event contract work with national corporations.

Sterling Pathology processes COVID-19 samples collected under the oversight of qualified healthcare professionals, and operates under current FDA-approved protocols and guidelines.

According to Michael Okuniewski, Vice President, “We are committed to leading the way in clinical diagnostics and partnering with healthcare providers to help Americans identify and mitigate any risks to their health, protect their families, and halt the advancement of this newly discovered disease.”

Source: Company Press Release