Healthcare company StageZero Life Sciences has partnered with DiagnoseAtHome to offer its multi-cancer blood test, Aristotle, to DiagnoseAtHome’s patients in Canada and the US.

Aristotle is a next-generation test that uses StageZero’s proprietary mRNA gene expression technology platform to screen for different malignancies from a single blood sample.

With high sensitivity and specificity for each cancer, the test works by interrogating mRNA from a sample of whole blood and detecting gene expression profiles indicative of specific cancers.

StageZero said that Aristotle screens the molecular signatures associated with breast, ovarian, endometrial, colorectal, liver, stomach, prostate, and other cancers.

StageZero Life Sciences chairman and CEO James Howard-Tripp said: “Our partnership with DiagnoseAtHome allows greater access to early cancer screening for their many clients and broadens the availability of Aristotle in Canada and the US.

“Growing our patient base and expanding the availability of our early cancer test is a key pillar in our Growth Strategy. We look forward to working with DiagnoseAtHome and their patients and clients.”

DiagnoseAtHome founder Dr Ian Plener said: “Our partnership with StageZero Life Sciences furthers our mission to provide accessible cutting edge diagnostic solutions to patients and providers at scale.

“By onboarding Aristotle to the DAH platform, we are better able to provide our patients and providers with a novel approach to early cancer screening.

“Growing our laboratory network will further enhance the breadth of curated laboratory solutions available to our growing patient and provider base. We look forward to working with the entire StageZero Life Sciences team.”

DiagnoseAtHome provides easy-to-use at-home health and lab testing services, allowing businesses, organisations, and healthcare practitioners to provide patients with safe, accurate, and discrete lab testing as an alternative to in-person lab visits.

It collaborates with telehealth organisations, assisted living, long-term care facilities, corporations, self-insured employers, healthcare professionals, and clinics, all of which are powered by a proprietary technology platform.