US-based Spinal Elements has expanded its minimally invasive surgery (MIS) portfolio with the introduction of the new Katana lateral access system.

The company is exhibiting the new Katana lateral access system at this year’s North American Spine Society annual meeting in Chicago, which is being held from 24 to 27 September.

Spinal Elements’s new Katana lateral access system

The novel nested dilator and blade design of the Katana enables users to gain lateral access in fewer steps and with only a single pass by the lumbar plexus.

Spinal Elements said that the design is intended to improve access efficiency and enhance outcomes by decreasing the incidence of approach-related post-operative complications.

Katana and the Lucent lateral interbody implant system will offer access and implant support for a complete procedural solution for lateral interbody fusion.

At present, the company provides complete MIS procedural solutions for lateral lumbar fusion and oblique lumbar fusion (OmegaLIF) procedures.

Spinal Elements president and CEO Jason Blain said: “We are thrilled to be introducing the Katana Lateral Access System.

“This is among the first in a series of upcoming MIS releases that will demonstrate our ability to provide innovative organic procedural solutions.”

In October 2016, Spinal Elements had collaborated with Mighty Oak Medical to market the FIREFLY surgical guidance system.

The FIREFLY system is composed of bone models and guides precisely matched to the patient’s anatomy through concierge pre-surgical planning and advanced computer-designed guidance solutions.

Based in Carlsbad of California, Spinal Elements is a designer, developer, manufacturer, and marketer of advanced medical devices used in spinal surgical procedures. The company provides a range of advanced spinal implant technologies to its customers.

Spinal Elements product portfolio is comprised of cervical, lumbar, thoracolumbar and biologic products.

Some of its products include Ceres ACP anterior plate system, Lucent XP expandable lumbar system, Overwatch horacolumbar fixation system and Provenda Flo amniotic fluid.