Spinal Elements, a spine technology company, today announced the full commercial launch of the Luna XD multi-expandable lumbar interbody fusion device and Orbit articulating discectomy systems. Luna XD and Orbit have been integrated into Spinal Elements as the newest technologies in its MIS Ultra platform of products and procedural solutions.

The Orbit system consists of articulating and rotating discectomy instrumentation that uses a minimal, posterior incision and/or MIS tubular approach to achieve efficient disruption and removal of disc tissue while preparing the endplates for fusion. The novel articulating rotary design allows the instrumentation’s working end to evacuate the full area of the disc necessary for implantation of the Luna XD circular device.

The Luna XD system allows an ALIF-sized, circular implant to be surgically delivered to the intervertebral space through a posterior, minimally invasive access point. Once inserted, the Luna XD implant first expands horizontally to cover the disc footprint, creating a stable foundation. The implant then expands vertically up to 16mm to restore disc height. Furthermore, the device includes up to 12° of lordosis to aid in the restoration of sagittal alignment.

Jason Blain, CEO of Spinal Elements, stated, “We are thrilled at what we have seen over the last several months with the introduction of the Luna XD and Orbit technologies. We are particularly looking forward to delivering these innovative and differentiated technologies to an even broader group of customers, many of whom have already been trained and are now adopting the products into their daily practice.”

“This is an exciting time to be associated with these innovative technologies,” stated Andrew White, M.D., Chief of Spine Surgery at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston, MA. “The Luna XD interbody and the Orbit Discectomy system help me to achieve my desired surgical goals of restoring interbody height and restoring lordosis, thereby alleviating radicular pain. The stability provided by the multi-expandable footprint gives me a lot of confidence that the restoration of interbody height and alignment will be durable. I have been able to do cases with Luna XD that would have previously required anterior and posterior surgery with ALIF/PLIF. It really has expanded what I can offer to patients with a minimally invasive treatment.”

Spinal Elements will feature the Luna XD and Orbit systems at the upcoming meeting of the North American Spine Society in Boston on September 29 through October 2, 2021.

Source: Company Press Release