Sonde Health, a Massachusetts-based health technology company founded by PureTech Health, has secured $19.25m from financial and strategic investors in a Series B investment round for voice-based health monitoring.

The proceeds will help the company to power its global commercial growth, strengthen its technologies in respiratory and mental health monitoring, and develop capabilities for new health conditions.

The investment round of Sonde Health was led by Partners Investment. It also involved the participation of NEOM, KT, and existing investors such as co-founder PureTech Health and M Ventures.

Overall, the US-based AI vocal biomarker firm has raised $35.25m. The company plans to expand its voice-based health monitoring platform for new health issues as well as enter new market areas with the proceeds.

Sonde Health CEO David Liu said: “Digital biomarkers are becoming a mainstay in healthcare. Today’s healthcare companies are realizing how vocal biomarkers can engage people earlier in their health.

“The data and insights found in voice can power health monitoring and patient stratification so issues can become apparent well before a costly medical event occurs.

“With voice and any listening device, accessible and effective health monitoring can be made available to the majority of the world.”

Sonde Health’s technology can be embedded into device chipsets for passive and secure monitoring of health via voice. The firm can also provide artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning-based monitoring products for a variety of health issues.

Currently, the health technology firm offers its enterprise voice biomarker technology to firms in telehealth, remote patient monitoring, pharmaceuticals, and consumer/medical products, among other health verticals.

Sonde Health licenses its platform for health checks like respiratory fitness and mental fitness. The voice-based health monitoring platform can detect and monitor respiratory health conditions such as asthma by analysing six seconds of voice. For depression and anxiety, the technology can detect and monitor evidence from 30 seconds of voice.

Additionally, the health technology firm has partnered with firms like KT, GN Group, Qualcomm, and Koye Pharmaceuticals to accelerate the development and adoption of vocal biomarkers worldwide.