After learning that  government agencies and hospitals worldwide could not expeditiously obtain the proper FDA-approved personal protection equipment (PPE) and medical supplies that they needed to fight COVID-19, that various state agencies and hospitals were bidding against one another due to a severe supply shortages, and reports of  front line medical workers using garbage bags for protection because they did not have the proper PPE, SonaShield ( took immediate action to eliminate and resolve these unacceptable systemic problems.

Since many essential organizations could not get the proper PPE they needed, SonaShield realized it could help solve this problem by streamlining the entire process so that hospitals, urgent care centers, and government agencies could expeditiously obtain the critical supplies they need by simply placing their order on SonaShield’s website without having to bid against one another, trying to identify suppliers, and without having to worry that the supplies were not FDA-approved and did not meet the highest quality standards.

Committed to helping medical workers on the front lines, Sona Shield is able to fulfill all PPE and medical supply needs of hospitals, urgent care centers, laboratories, hospitality companies, and government agencies world-wide including ventilators, N95 masks, K95 masks, disposable medical masks, surgical gowns, protective suits, surgical gloves, antibody testing kits, and other PPE.

Since SonaShield works directly with FDA-approved and certified manufacturers and device makers, SonaShield can meet the high PPE and medical device needs of hospitals, urgent care facilities, and government agencies. SonaShield has developed an efficient and effective logistics and supply chain to get PPE into the hands of those who need them as quickly as possible.

SonaShield is able to meet and fulfill demand for PPE and medical supplies in any bulk quantities. Sona Shield ships worldwide and will price match or beat those of any competitor excluding shipping and taxes which SonaShield does not control. SonaShield also supplies wholesale to major retailers and distributors.

SonaShield’s mission is to quickly be able to supply the highest quality life-saving PPE and medical equipment needed throughout the world and to protect all who need protection from life-threatening infection and disease. In uncertain times, one thing is for certain, Sona Shield remains committed to providing the protection hospitals, first responders, and medical workers need to be safe.

Source: Company Press Release