UK-based Smith+Nephew has launched the UltraTRAC QUAD ACL Reconstruction Technique to expand its ability to address surgeon graft preference as well as to provide an innovative procedural solution.

The new offering for anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction consists of the new QUADTRAC Quadriceps Tendon Harvest Guide System, X-WING Graft Preparation System, as well as the family of ULTRABUTTON Adjustable Fixation Devices.

They are part of the company’s Reimagine reconstruction knee ligament solutions portfolio.

Smith+Nephew said that the QUADTRAC System is an integrated guide-system for carrying out minimally invasive quadriceps graft harvesting.

The system offers direct visualisation of the tendon while allowing a reproducible and controlled technique for harvesting.

Scott Faucett from Centers for Advanced Orthopaedics said: “The QUADTRAC System is a simple and efficient solution to allow surgeons to harvest the quad tendon.

“Quad tendon is often the best option for patients undergoing ACL reconstruction and the guided cutting and tendon visualization during the procedure that the QUADTRAC System offers makes harvesting much easier.

“Plus, it enables surgeons to harvest with and without a bone plug allowing a diverse use of the system when using quad grafts in my practice.”

Smith+Nephew said that it has expanded ULTRABUTTON Adjustable Fixation Devices family by launching three new ULTRABUTTON products. With the new ULTRABUTTON devices, the company said that it now has solutions that are specialised to address all grafts with all adaptable, all secure ACL fixation.

The medical technology firm has made the QUADTRAC Quadriceps Tendon Harvest Guide System and the family of ULTRABUTTON Adjustable Fixation Devices that enable the UltraTRAC QUAD ACL Reconstruction technique available commercially in the US and certain other countries.

Cassandra Lee from the University of California Davis said: “With the added ULTRABUTTON QUAD, BB and TIB Devices, Smith+Nephew now provides me with a complete solution for all my ACL reconstruction needs with quick graft preparation and minimal steps.

“Whether the surgeon themselves or their surgical support staff performs graft preparation, these devices can help improve operating room efficiency.”