Molecular diagnostics firm Sense Biodetection has signed an agreement with Bio Nuclear Diagnostics for the non-exclusive distribution of its Veros COVID-19 testing platform in Canada.

Veros is said to be an instrument-free, point-of-care molecular testing platform. It is capable of producing highly accurate molecular results in about 15 minutes, claimed Sense Biodetection.

According to the company, the self-contained, single-use diagnostic does not need a reader or external power.

Bio Nuclear Diagnostics, which is a specialised medical distributor, is engaged in connecting manufacturers with customers in Canada.

The deal is the newest of Sense Biodetection’s global distribution partnerships as it commercialises the Veros platform upon receiving Canadian regulatory approval.

Sense Biodetection chief commercial officer Ryan Roberts said: “The North American market is very important for Sense, so being able to distribute in Canada with a partner of the caliber of Bio Nuclear Diagnostics provides a solid foundation to serve providers and their patients.

“Especially in the face of rising infection rates and new variants of concern, the Canadian market represents a geography that is extremely aware of the benefits that rapid, accurate, instrument-free molecular technology like Veros COVID-19 can extend to point-of-care locations beyond hospital and clinic settings.”

Sense Biodetection said that Veros is intended to expand access to point-of-care testing by using a rapid molecular amplification technology in order to give quicker, more reliable diagnoses that will help stop the spread of COVID-19.

According to the molecular diagnostics firm, Veros COVID-19’s clinical performance was demonstrated in a multicentre, prospective clinical trial. It enrolled around 300 participants during the pandemic’s Omicron and Delta variant surges.

Veros COVID-19 can detect all variants of interest and concern, including all Omicron sub-variants, Sense Biodetection claimed.