Molecular assays developer Seegene USA has signed a joint lab test enhancing accuracy partnership agreement with life sciences company Microbix Biosystems to enhance syndromic infectious disease testing.

Under the collaboration, Seegene USA will distribute and recommend Microbix’s Quality Assessment Products (QAPs) to observe the workflow accuracy of Seegene Novaplex and Allplex assays in use across the US.

Seegene Novaplex assays are real-time reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) tests that are designed to increase test efficiency and provide superior performance.

Allplex 2019-nCoV (SARS-CoV-2) Assay is a testing solution intended to reduce the spread of rapidly mutating Covid-19 viruses. It is available in the US under an Emergency Use Authorisation.

Microbix QAPs will support PCR-based (molecular) tests formatted on Copan FLOQSwabs and room-temperature stable, or in liquid vial format that are refrigerator-temperature stable.

Microbix PROCEEDx brand QAPs are research-use-only (RUO) samples, while its REDx brand QAPs are in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) controls.

Seegene USA, a subsidiary of South Korea-based Seegene, said that assays performed in laboratories are more accurate when QAPs are used regularly.

Microbix Biosystems business development senior vice president Phillip Caselli said: “Our longstanding relationship with Seegene Canada laid a strong foundation for this Microbix – Seegene USA relationship.

“Our collaboration naturally aligns the two companies to help assure optimal results for laboratories performing high-multiplex PCR testing using Seegene Assays.”

Through the partnership, Seegene USA will start selling Microbix’s QAPs products in addition to its current line of high multiplex PCR assays, which are marketed under the Allplex and Novaplex brands that test for infectious disease pathogens.

These assays, using Seegene’s proprietary technology, can produce high-multiplex findings from a single channel in a PCR reaction, according to the molecular assay developer.

When compared to existing options, the combination provides US labs with an effective, affordable method for achieving high-quality syndromic testing for infectious disease pathogens.

Seegene USA marketing senior vice president Craig Howell said: “In this partnership, we are again increasing our IVD presence for the U.S. and further supporting our lab customers in their mission to better provide quality results for their patients and institutions.

“As well, we believe our ongoing IVD assay development requires custom control and validation panel expertise that is met by Microbix’s competencies.”