sam® provides effective and safe treatment of soft tissue, arthritis and joint issues without the need for surgery or pain medication. The wearable device does so by stimulating blood flow for several hours per day to a localized region, delivering a powerful flow of nutrients to the site of an injury.

sam® administers 1.3 watts of low-intensity ultrasound energy at 3 megahertz frequency to accelerate biological healing processes and reduce pain. Harnessing the sustained delivery of low-intensity acoustic waves, the device stimulates the body’s natural repair process.


sam® is a safe and effective approach to healing tissue and easing pain. Instead of subjecting patients to time-consuming surgery with a lengthy recovery time and costly pain medication, the device gently massages users’ cells to promote collagen matrix production and cellular replication to heal damaged tissue.

sam® provides ultrasonic waves that penetrate five centimeters into tissue. This process improves circulation, oxygen and nutrient delivery. It also facilitates the removal of waste products, such as lactic acid, from the site of a musculoskeletal injury. In addition, sam® stimulates the tissue remodeling process. These processes give the device the unique ability to inhibit the inflammatory response and treat the injury itself – not just mask pain.

These are some of the reasons why sam® is the only continuous treatment, wearable mechanobiological device cleared by the FDA to treat deep tissue targets like knees, elbows, back and neck injuries.

Unlike traditional ultrasound treatments, sam® is FDA approved to provide treatment for four hours per day, versus 20 minutes per day. This expanded duration greatly improves the device’s ability to foster healing and pain relief. Additionally, traditional therapeutic ultrasound requires administration by a specialist onsite, thereby limiting the frequency of treatments. sam®, on the other hand, is easy and safe for patients to use at home on a daily basis – further increasing the treatment’s positive impact.

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) controls pain by using electrical currents to stimulate nerves and block pain signals from being sent to the brain. While TENS and sam® have both proven successful in clinical studies for relieving pain, only sam® has the ability to accelerate the natural healing process through mechanical stimulation.

“We developed sam® to help people suffering from injuries and chronic pain break free from the traditional constraints of surgery and pain medication. While the treatment is highly effective, it is a natural, drug-free way to heal soft tissue and provide desperately needed pain relief – allowing users to reclaim their lives,” said George Lewis, chief executive officer of ZetrOZ Systems.

Source: Company Press Release