RxMx, a global healthcare technology company that provides digital patient management, safety and adherence solutions to pharmaceutical manufacturers, is pleased to announce Covid Clear.

Developed in partnership with physicians, public health experts and leading clinical laboratories, Covid Clear provides access to diagnostic testing for COVID-19 and then provides employers with a secure digital platform to track and manage this clinical data to help inform their return to work strategy and navigate the complicated process of verifying which employees are safe to return to work and when.

To start, we enroll a company’s employees into our user-friendly platform; ship COVID-19 test kits from our clinical laboratory partners; schedule either video calls to supervise at home self-testing or establish onsite testing carried out by licensed professionals; provide prepaid shipping packs to send back test samples to our lab partners; and maintain real-time results on the company’s bespoke digital dashboard. When an employee moves into the “clear” category, based on criteria pre-determined by their employer in alignment with CDC and other public health agencies, they are eligible to receive a Covid Clear certificate. The digital certificate indicates they have met their employer’s criteria to return to the workplace.

All test results are confidential and employees must consent to participate. Employers can choose different tests to best meet their decision-making needs, while minimizing disruption. Specifically, employers can choose to test for the presence of COVID-19 antibodies with serology tests and/or test for the active virus with RT-PCR tests. Employers can extend the testing cycle and retest their employees at regular intervals if they believe the process is necessary to keep everyone safe and healthy. The platform can be adjusted in real time should the employer identify additional needs, public health guidelines change, or newer testing options become available. Further, the configurable platform allows for additional integrations should employers want to track other data such as temperatures or sick members of an employee’s household.

“We understand that companies are grappling with how to bring people back to work in a safe, organized manner. Covid Clear gives employers a framework from which to structure a safe return to work for all their employees,” said RxMx CEO George Hunnewell. “We’re all ready to return to a degree of normalcy, but it’s not apparent how we do that. Covid Clear gives business leaders meaningful data to inform crucial decisions about how to re-engage in daily work life, so we remain healthy and productive.”

Source: Company Press Release