Relay Medical and Fio Corporation announce the commencement of operations of the Fionet Rapid Response Group (“FRR”) to bring a new COVID-19 mobile testing and tracking platform to market.

FRR is now in negotiation for trial deployments with several potential partners.

Relay and Fio previously announced a joint venture on August 19, 2020 to rapidly launch and deploy a new COVID-19 testing, data collection and reporting solution. The JV operates under the name “Fionet Rapid Response Group” and is headquartered in Toronto, Canada.

“Community-based testing and real-time tracking is indispensable for combating pandemics like COVID-19. Fionet has already made this happen in the most challenging epidemic regions on the planet and we are now preparing for imminent deployment of our platform with several partners to combat COVID-19 at home and abroad,” said Dr Michael Greenberg, CEO of Fionet Rapid Response Group.

Fionet is a mobile testing and tracking platform specifically developed for controlled, rapid response to pandemics. The platform combines handheld devices linked to online AI-powered cloud, automating frontline testing and capturing test results for tracking. Fionet’s rugged, mobile devices are compatible with multiple third-party antigen and antibody COVID-19 rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs), which creates sourcing flexibility for RDTs which are of limited supply and continuously evolving. Fionet also connects with molecular testing devices such as PCRs.

Fio’s cloud-platform delivers real-time, actionable intelligence for supervisors and public health officials to manage responses and resources to new levels of precision and promptness. Data and insights are delivered to dashboards, IT systems and public health databases for rapid, secure and data-informed responses.

Flexible and customizable, Fionet enables diagnostic testing in any community-based setting to support a variety of return-to-work use-cases. Testing can be expanded beyond the few overburdened medical centres to small clinics, pharmacies, workplaces, airports, nursing homes, schools, etc. and performed at hospital-grade accuracy, in higher volume, faster-speed, and by less-skilled frontline workers.

Fionet has proven, positive impact on 1 million patients with infectious diseases in over a dozen countries and 4 continents. Fio successfully managed testing programs for high-consequence diseases such as malaria, HIV, dengue and ebola in partnership with world-class organizations including World Health Organization, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Ministry of Health of Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Republic of Kenya Ministry of Health.

“The many transformational benefits delivered by Fionet have been validated and documented in several dozen scientific and medical journals. Fionet has successfully reduced testing errors by 23%, achieves 99.5%1 diagnostic accuracy rate compared to expert lab techs, and provides significant economic efficiencies,” said Yoav Raiter, CEO, Relay Medical Corp.

Source: Company Press Release