Qventus, the leader in AI-based patient flow automation systems, today announced new Covid-19 custom planning products to help health systems forecast key resource needs both during and following the initial Covid-19 surge. The cloud-based planning products allow hospitals to plan for elective surgery reopening, post-acute care demand, and personal protection equipment (PPE) needs.

“As the Covid pandemic progresses, we are finding that hospitals are now entering a phase in which they’re focused on the details of managing through future surges — for example, maintaining a supply of specific types of PPE and figuring out how and where they will discharge Covid patients safely,” said Mudit Garg, co-founder and CEO of Qventus. “Moreover, the early successes of social distancing measures have resulted in many hospitals having capacity to re-open elective surgeries. We’re pleased to provide these new planning capabilities to help our health systems make better-informed decisions during this time of uncertainty.”

Building on forecasts from the free Qventus Localized Covid-19 Model and Scenario Planner, the three new Covid-19 custom planning products are:

Elective Surgery Planner: With elective surgeries postponed or cancelled to conserve capacity for Covid-19, hospitals are furloughing staff and losing significant revenue — while patient conditions are exacerbated by treatment delays. The Elective Surgery Planner predicts available capacity for elective cases to inform how and when individual hospitals can responsibly resume procedures. It forecasts available capacity based on evolving pandemic demand as well as staffing and PPE needs to support case volumes, with customizable scenario planning based on surgical case mix. This helps hospitals make decisions around how to utilize non-Covid capacity for elective surgeries as soon as safely possible.

Post-Acute Demand Planner: As post acute capacity becomes increasingly constrained, limited visibility into post acute needs for Covid-19 patients can delay discharge and constrict hospital capacity for new admits. The Post-Acute Demand Planner predicts Covid-19 discharge volumes to rehabilitation, skilled nursing, and other post-acute care facilities so that hospitals can plan ahead for discharge needs, reduce unnecessary bed utilization, and create capacity for new admits.

PPE Demand Planner: With widespread PPE shortages and supply chain disruptions, hospitals are increasingly concerned with how long PPE supplies will last. Amidst rapidly evolving Covid-19 demand, many face challenges estimating PPE consumption and developing data-driven conservation strategies. The PPE Demand Planner leverages Covid-19 Scenario Planner census predictions to project hospital consumption of gloves, gowns, N95 masks, surgical masks, and face shields across inpatient units, emergency departments, and operating rooms. With greater visibility into critical resupply dates, hospitals can proactively address PPE shortages and inform their conservation strategy.
The Covid-19 custom planning products are available now to select organizations through Qventus’ beta program, and are expected to be generally available by April 23. They are free of charge to existing customers and available at cost to new customers for a limited time. Organizations can sign up for the public beta program at qventus.com/covid-planner-beta.

Source: Company Press Release