Quanterix has launched LucentAD, a biomarker blood test to support the evaluation of patients experiencing cognitive symptoms consistent with the early signs of Alzheimer’s disease (AD).

The LucentAD test will help clinicians, in conjunction with other diagnostic tools, to rapidly determine the likelihood of a patient having amyloid pathology that indicates AD.

Also, the information provided by the test will help healthcare providers determine appropriate follow-up and treatment planning for a suspected Alzheimer’s patient.

Currently, the LucentAD test is run by the health technology company’s CLIA laboratory, which also conducts several clinical trials related to AD.

Quanterix has launched Lucent Diagnostics, a new healthcare provider-facing portal that addresses the needs of patients, along with a therapy for the disease.

Quanterix CEO Masoud Toloue said: “A year ago, Quanterix announced the validation of our laboratory-developed test to quantitatively measure p-Tau 181 in plasma as an aid in diagnostic evaluation of Alzheimer’s disease.

“The launch of Lucent Diagnostics and availability of the LucentAD test expands access to our p-Tau 181 test for healthcare providers and marks an important step in our goal to help build a global Alzheimer’s disease testing infrastructure.”

“Non-invasive blood biomarker testing is the only way to democratize access to Alzheimer’s disease therapies and Quanterix will offer our testing solutions to healthcare providers who want to provide this important service to patients.”

The test measures an isoform of phosphorylated tau protein in plasma, which is phosphorylated at the 181 residues of the protein (p-Tau 181).

The concentration of tau protein in plasma and cerebrospinal fluid has been positively correlated to the presence of amyloid pathology in the brain, a hallmark of Alzheimer’s disease.

LucentAD leverages the Simoa p-Tau 181 assay, which has been extensively studied in large longitudinal and cross-sectional cohorts, with established specificity for AD pathology.

Quanterix said that Lucent Diagnostics will announce additional tests aimed at improving the diagnosis and management of Alzheimer’s and other neurological disorders.