Protex Products is pleased to announce the immediate availability of PBX-CR, an innovative addition to the PROTEX line of products.

In response to the immediate national need of additional temporary hygienic medical and patient facilities due to the Corona Virus pandemic, PROTEX has specifically designed and engineered PBX-CR to help our general contractor clients along with federal, state and local health officials build the temporary hygienic medical facilities that are needed to combat the surge of patients requiring care for COVID-19.

The patented design of PBX-CR provides hygienic and chemically resistant, temporary protection for floors, walls and ceilings in patient rooms, labs and general common areas with unsurpassed spill, draft stop, water and puncture resistance.

PBX-CR has a core of 100% recycled paper materials bound via a proprietary water-resistant bio-degradable adhesive, combined with highly durable and chemically resistant surface coatings, top and bottom, developed from a proprietary blend of recycled high (HDPE) and low-density polyethylene (LDPE).

“After following reports of hospital patient surges across the country and reading of the immediate needs of temporary medical facilities to take care of those seriously ill with COVID-19, we knew we had to help. Our product engineering and manufacturing teams worked quickly with several of our clients who have already been tasked to build temporary hospitals in order to develop a product that is not only very cost-effective, but also meets their requirements to help them create and maintain good sterile patient environments,” said Brad Wells, Director of Product Development at PROTEX. “We are ready to begin production immediately and we are just really happy we could develop a solution so quickly that can make a big difference in being able to help the thousands that need care during these challenging times.”

PBX CR Benefits

Fire Rated
Draft Stop
Highly Chemically Resistant Surface Coating
Crush Proof
Classified Non-Hazardous by OSHA
Tru-Lay Flat Sheets

PBX-CR Availability

Our ISO Certified manufacturing facility centrally located in the United States has been designated a Critical Infrastructure Business for the COVID-19 health emergency response. Due to the slowing of many industries, we have re-allocated the manufacturing capacity of our other products to PBX-CR. As such, PROTEX can produce at least 65,000 sheets (~1,500,000 square feet) of PBX-CR per day which can be shipped to wherever needed.

Source: Company Press Release