US-based digital and computational pathology solutions provider Proscia has rolled out the new version of its Concentriq Dx platform for primary diagnostic workflows.

Concentriq Dx is a secure, AI-ready digital pathology platform that has been granted a CE mark in June this year, under In Vitro Diagnostic Regulation (IVDR).

It is compatible with existing scanners, laboratory information systems, and image analysis applications, and can be rapidly deployed on existing IT infrastructure.

The new-generation platform comes with new features and user experience, enabling laboratory networks to switch to 100% digital diagnosis, said the company.

Proscia chief product officer Nathan Buchbinder said: “We are at the tipping point of the next wave of digital pathology adoption.

“Our team set out to create a new standard of modern diagnostic pathology with this release. We built it working closely with digital pathology pioneers to give our customers the missing pieces needed to improve patient care during these increasingly challenging times.”

The expanded Concentriq Dx platform brings new diagnostic pathology features and enhancements, including an enhanced user experience that engages pathologists.

Its new interface provides pathologists with a digital environment that extends the intuitiveness of the microscope and enables them to work with speed and ease.

The updated Concentriq Dx features a collaboration mode that enables laboratories to easily access sub-specialist expertise to deliver rapid, and more informed results to patients.

It also comes with an enterprise administration module that facilitates multi-site networks to scale more rapidly and gives more control to laboratory administrators.

The Netherlands-based medical laboratory LabPON is said to be the world’s first laboratory to transition into 100% digital pathology diagnosis, using Concentriq Dx.

LabPON clinical pathologist Alexi Baidoshvili said: “Achieving full digitisation requires a platform that provides end-to-end functionality, an effortless user experience, and scalability. Concentriq Dx is the only platform I’ve seen that successfully delivers on all three of these pillars.”

Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania department of pathology and laboratory medicine clinical services vice chair Michael Feldman said: “Digitisation is one of the solutions to the systemic challenges plaguing the practice of pathology today. Proscia understands what laboratories need to drive full-scale adoption.”