Health technology firm Royal Philips has launched a new solution for interventional rooms, dubbed Ambient Experience and FlexVision display.

The company said that Ambient Experience and FlexVision display is connected to its Philips Image Guided Therapy System, Azurion, to provide patients with a relaxing multi-sensory experience while the staff prepares them for their procedure.

Ambient Experience with FlexVision display can reduce patient anxiety during interventional treatments along with improved patient-staff experience and enhanced workflows and productivity.

According to Philips, the new system enables staff members to adjust the ambient lighting and sound in the room during the patient arrival and preparation phases to maintain the overall sensation of calm.

The solution aims to distract, inform, educate, and empower patients to minimise their anxiety particularly before the therapy is performed.

Philips said the solution can shorten operation times and, in some situations, lower costs connected with patient sedation or general anaesthesia by enhancing the clinical environment with positive components.

Philips ambient experience general manager Werner Satter said: “Interventional procedures can be challenging for patients, especially those who are anxious about the intervention and the outcome.

“With the addition of Ambient Experience connected to FlexVision display, which is part of Philips Image Guided Therapy System – Azurion, we address the atmosphere and mood of the room by offering active relaxation opportunities for patients and staff.”

The company said that its Ambient Experience is also compatible with media devices like mobile phones and tablets to add elements like interactivity and choice for a more personalised experience.

Interventional room staff can easily change customised presets to optimal lighting and audio settings anytime during the procedure.

Baptist Health Care Pensacola Heart and Vascular Institute vice president Victor Hall said: “One factor in our decision to use Philips’ solution is that along with the patient experience, it has been shown that you can use less anaesthesia in some cases due to the relaxing and distracting factors of Ambient Experience.

“We wanted to set ourselves apart from other labs.”