US-based medical device company Penumbra has launched a new full body, hands-free, non-tethered virtual reality (VR)-based REAL y-Series rehabilitation platform for both upper and lower extremities with a full body avatar.

The REAL y-Series product is equipped with upper and lower body sensors. It allows clinicians for tracking full body movement and progress in real time through customised exercises and activities.

A part of the REAL System VR-based immersive healthcare platform, the latest offering is intended to support patients in physical or occupational therapy to improve their physical, cognitive, and mental well-being.

According to Penumbra, the addition of lower extremity capabilities in the REAL y-Series will expand its utility for individuals with high acuity and high functioning. It will also support a wide range of diseases and levels of function, said the company.

Penumbra said that hospitals and clinics in the US are using the system to address core and balance, functional usage, cognition, training for activities of daily living, and cognitive stimulation.

Penumbra executive vice president and immersive healthcare business general manager Gita Barry said: “Two of the largest challenges in rehabilitation are maintaining patient motivation and lack of engagement.

“Penumbra’s latest REAL y-series is the only hands-free, sensor-based VR platform available that provides activities for both lower and upper body.

“By enabling patients to immerse and visualize their entire body in motion and providing clinicians the ability to individualise each therapy session to challenge and motivate patients, we can maximize the key benefits of rehabilitation therapy by promoting higher engagement and intensity, which has the potential to improve patient outcomes.”

The company said that its REAL Immersive System is intended to improve health, including stress management and the development of functional skills, cognition, and other areas.

Based on advanced technology with a library of VR-based activities and experiences, the platform consists of two product solutions, REAL y-Series for clinical rehabilitation and REAL i-Series for wellness.