HOYA Group’s unit PENTAX Medical America has received the 510(k) clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the PENTAX Medical INSPIRA video processor and i20c video endoscope series.

PENTAX Medical INSPIRA is a 4K video processor that upgrades PENTAX Medical endoscope models to the latest crystal-clear imaging.

Designed with a focus on the requirements of healthcare providers, the new video processor sets new benchmarks in endoscopy, said PENTAX Medical.

The company has designed the video processor to be operated by using a customisable, touch panel that includes picture-enhancing features and 4K image processing.

Its two connection options enable users to fully leverage the range of the PENTAX Medical endoscopic portfolio to design a highly customised fleet.

The imaging solutions provider said that this intelligent function extends each endoscope’s lifecycle for more sustainability and economic savings while maintaining the standards of modern imaging, including the option for 4K visualisation.

Additionally, PENTAX Medical INSPIRA has an i-SCAN post-processing image enhancement technology that improves the mucosal surface and blood vessel viewing.

It also has optical enhancement (OE) technology and a new auto high dynamic range (HDR) function, which are said to be customisable and accessible through the INSPIRA touchscreen interface and programmable endoscope buttons.

The i20c endoscopes’ control body is intended to fit easily into each endoscopist’s grip, with new features like improvements to weight, button arrangement, and access to angulation wheels.

The endoscopes series also uses PENTAX Medical insertion tube technology with an adjustable stiffener. These improve manoeuvrability as clinicians work through difficult anatomy, said the company.

Furthermore, the regular i20c colonoscope incorporates a 210° Retroview capability to expand clinical access even further.

PENTAX Medical Americas president David Harrison said: “The PENTAX Medical INSPIRA video processor and i20c Endoscopes are a milestone for endoscopy in the United States.

“This platform not only addresses current ergonomic needs but sets future standards in the endoscopy workflow that will ultimately strengthen the provider and patient experience.”

The 4K video processor and endoscope series, which secured CE mark approval in January this year, are expected to be commercially available in October this year.