Nu-Med Plus, Inc. (OTCQB: NUMD), a medical device company which investigates and develops applications and devices for nitric oxide delivery in the medical field, today announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) has allowed the issuance of a patent for a single-use or short-term use nitric oxide inhaler.

This patent allowance will provide the Company the capability of providing individual nitric oxide treatment options in emergency situations, to be used in remote and rural areas that has the capability to rapidly deliver the prescribed dose of nitric oxide when serious and instantaneous use is needed.

Typically, nitric oxide delivery devices are large, electronically complex devices that are used primarily in neonatal intensive care units.  The importance of nitric oxide as a treatment is well documented in literature but to date has not seen widespread use because of the bulky delivery equipment designed for hospital use and the high cost of the treatment.

Jeff Robins, Chief Executive Officer of Nu-Med Plus, stated, “This patent allowance is a significant achievement for our Company and can help open new patient markets.  A readily available, small, disposable nitric oxide delivery device with no need for electricity to be used by emergency field personnel or available for use in remote regions and/or under the most critical times of need such as combat are currently untapped markets.”

Source: Company Press Release