Nu-Med Plus, National Investment Bankers Association (NIBA) presenter Nu-Med Plus, Inc., a medical device development company announced that a patent has been filed for a nitric oxide delivery device that is designed for single or short-term use.

Nitric oxide delivery devices on the market today are large, electronically complex devices that are used primarily in neonatal intensive care units. Nu-Med Plus Inc realized that to extend the utility of nitric oxide delivery to a wider range of patients that could benefit from the therapy that another form factor was needed. The result was a simple mechanical device that delivers the appropriate dose of nitric oxide gas per inhalation to the patient. It is handheld with no electronics and a variable nitric oxide dose. A patent was filed in 2019 adding this to the stable of Nu-Med intellectual property. Dr. Craig Morrison, a member of the medical supervisory board of Nu-Med remarked, “It’s a very simple device; it is used like an inhaler. One use that comes to mind is altitude sickness when the user could carry a small disposable unit to use until they could be transported to a lower altitude. Remote areas and rural areas without electrical power, patients being transferred by ambulance, patients being transported for chronic routine treatments and patients in developing countries without access to electric power are generally groups which would need disposable delivery sources of nitric oxide therapy. This could be a real game changer.”

With this new device, Nu-Med Plus will in the future seek enrollment in further studies to investigate its efficacy. Nu-Med Plus is currently in the process of submitting for FDA approval for a nitric oxide delivery system which is a fixed hospital unit. Nu-Med Plus’s technology is designed to be utilized for a variety of inhaled nitric oxide treatments. Inhaled nitric oxide has been proven to stabilize blood pressure, open airways, fight infections and blood clots, combat aging and treat erectile dysfunction.

Source: Company Press Release