Paragon 28 has launched the Gorilla Supramalleolar Osteotomy (SMO) Plating and PRESERVE SMO Allograft System, which have been designed to provide versatility to surgeons in selection of plates and surgical approach for supramalleolar osteotomies.

According to the US-based medical device company, the system comes with drilling and cutting guides that are awaiting patent. The guides enable repeatable and controlled anterior dome, medial opening, as well as closing wedge osteotomies.

Also included in the system is a patent pending allograft cutting jig.

Paragon 28 said that the jig was designed for shaping the PRESERVE SMO Allograft Wedge so that it matches the correction that is intended while cutting down the time and technicality of the surgical procedure.

A total number of six plates have been included in the system for anterior or medial approaches. They include different spanning distances for accommodating varying corrections, said the medical device company, which is focused exclusively on the foot and ankle orthopaedic market.

Paragon 28 CEO Albert DaCosta said: “Hindfoot deformity correction and arthroplasty are two of the fastest growing segments in the foot and ankle market and the Gorilla SMO Plating and Allograft System offers surgeons a streamlined and reproducible means to achieve deformity correction while preserving the ankle joint.

“We are very excited to have a comprehensive system which will allow surgeons to address tibial deformities and stage for total ankle arthroplasty supporting our growing APEX Total Ankle Arthroplasty System.”

The medical device maker, which is based in Englewood, Colorado, said that the launch of the Gorilla SMO Plating and Allograft System strengthen its Precision Ankle Solutions product offering for trauma, arthritis, and limb salvage.

Its other products include the APEX 3D Total Ankle Replacement, Silverback Ankle Fusion Plating System, Phantom TTC Nail System, Gorilla Ankle Fracture Plating System, and Phantom ActivCore Nail System.

Last month, the medical device manufacturer launched the Phantom Metatarsal Shortening System which features an intramedullary device for fixation of in-line shortening osteotomies of the lesser metatarsals.