Oticon, introduced the world’s most powerful hearing aids to its portfolio of advanced hearing solutions. Designed for adults and children with severe-to-profound hearing loss, respectively, Oticon Xceed and Oticon Xceed Play provide a 360-degree sound experience, giving wearers more access to speech with less listening effort.* For individuals with single-sided deafness (SSD), the company has also unveiled Oticon CROS, a powerful new wireless solution that opens up a wearer to sounds from all directions.

Built on Oticon’s most advanced platform, Oticon Xceed and Oticon Xceed Play scan a wearer’s surroundings 100 times per second to support how the brain naturally makes sense of sound. Built-in BrainHearing™ technology analyzes sounds from all directions, distinguishes between speech and background noise, and enables wearers to identify where sounds are coming from, creating a fuller, more natural hearing experience. The result is that, compared to previous generations of hearing aids for severe-to-profound hearing loss, Oticon Xceed improves speech clarity by 10%, reduces listening effort by 10%, and increases short-term recall by 15%, even in challenging and noisy environments.*

“Traditional hearing aids for severe-to-profound hearing loss close down sounds in noisy settings. They typically focus on one speaker at a time — usually the person in front of you — while suppressing everything else as background noise,” said Gary Rosenblum, President of Oticon, Inc. “But background noise contains important cues and speech details that, when removed, make it difficult and tiring to follow a conversation. Oticon Xceed and Oticon Xceed Play for children analyze it all and deliver clear, detailed sound that increases a wearer’s opportunities for engagement and learning.”

At the same time, new technology built into Oticon Xceed and Oticon Xceed Play significantly reduces the annoying static and whistling noises common with power hearing aids. Oticon’s new approach provides the brain with up to 20% more speech cues, without the high risk of feedback.

Source: Company Press Release