US-based spine and orthopaedics company Orthofix Medical has commercially launched its WaveForm A interbody system for Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion (ALIF) procedures.

The company designed WaveForm A to be easily integrated with its Meridian ALIF system to treat patients who need fusion due to degenerative disc disease.

The 3D-printed WaveForm A implants have WaveForm technology, which creates a repeating and continuous wave-like structure to balance strength, porosity, and stability.

Also, its large implant graft aperture allows for bone graft material to help create an osteoinductive environment to optimise supplemental fixation procedures.

Girard Orthopaedic Surgeons Orthopaedic spine surgeon Neil Arif Tayyab said: “Implant design and surface technology play a vital role in the bone growth process during fusion.

“Newer designs such as the WaveForm A interbody can help stimulate a better bone growth response and give me greater confidence that the patient will have a successful fusion.”

WaveForm A was created to endure high compressive loads while delivering an endplate porosity that enhances the potential for early stabilisation, said the company.

The balance between strength and porosity provides increased opportunity for bone packing, lowers stiffness profile and enhances imaging properties.

The Meridian ALIF system is a modular instrument and implant system designed to provide diverse fixation options for single and multilevel ALIFs in a reduced number of trays.

It is compatible with both the WaveForm A interbody and Orthofix’s Reef A interbody, which features the company’s NanoMetalene surface technology and Reef Topography.

The commercial launch of WaveForm allows Meridian system to treat more cases in the US ALIF market, said the orthopaedics company.

Orthofix Medical Global Spine president Kevin Kenny said: “Our Meridian ALIF system integrates the most advanced technologies into our surgical sets, minimising the need for multiple instrument sets during the procedure.

“The WaveForm A interbody is an exciting addition to our portfolio of solutions for ALIF procedures and enables us to provide a more streamlined option so surgeons can do more for their patients.”