US-based spine and orthopaedics company Orthofix Medical has completed the first patient procedures and announced the full commercial launch of its Galaxy Fixation Gemini system in the US.

The Galaxy Fixation Gemini system is the latest addition to the company’s Galaxy line of products and is available in several sterile procedure kit configurations.

It is a stable external fixation system offered as a rapid off-the-shelf solution for the treatment of fractures that result from trauma in the lower and upper limbs.

Orthofix said that its Galaxy Fixation Gemini ankle kit is the only pin-to-bar system with specific clamps available in a sterile kit configuration.

It comes with a double multi-screw clamp to allow rapid insertion of tibial half-pins, accompanied by the foot support and first metatarsal sterile kits when a more robust construct is desired.

University of Buffalo orthopaedics clinical assistant professor Evengy Dyskin said: “In trauma settings, it is critical that we respond quickly to manage the damage to the impacted limb.

“The all-inclusive nature of the sterile kits eliminates spatial constraints, enabling application in a trauma bay or intensive care unit setting, which would not be possible with a traditional pin-to-bar system.”

According to the company, Sterile kits eliminate the need for sterilisation of trays which requires an average of 139 minutes to process and adds cost to healthcare facilities.

The sterilisation of trays also leads to increased operating room (OR) delays and costs due to packaging, restocking and tray contamination.

Developed specifically to meet the needs of US surgeons, the ankle kit provides surgeons with an effective solution in lower extremity trauma situations where time is an important factor, said the medical device company.

Earlier this year, Orthofix and SeaSpine combined to create a global spine and orthopaedics company with a portfolio of biologics, hardware, bone growth therapies, special orthopaedic solutions, and a surgical navigation system.

Global Orthopaedics president Kim Elting said: “We are excited to expand our external fixation offerings in the U.S. for trauma through the introduction of the Galaxy Fixation Gemini System in several sterile packed configurations.

“This streamlined pin-to-bar configuration is the latest example of our leadership in sterile kit solutions, which improve OR efficiencies and meaningfully decrease costs for the hospital and also for our business.”