Orthodontic products and solutions provider Ormco has launched the Ultima Hook, designed specifically for the Ultima wire.

The product is claimed to be the first and only repositionable hook that is developed to correct maloccluded teeth in conjunction with orthodontic appliances.

Made from NiTi which is known for super elastic properties, it can be repositioned up to three times and can be placed flush to the market.

The firm said that the hooks can be pre-placed on the wire to improve the performance and efficiency of clinicians.

Ormco senior global product manager Joe Glauberman said: “Our commitment to making technological breakthroughs to assist orthodontists and provide the best care for their patients has never wavered.

“Offering the first and only repositionable hook on the market today, we are thrilled to give our doctors another weapon in their arsenal.

“The advanced design of the Ultima Hook simplifies the treatment process for our orthodontists.

“These preplaced hooks on Damon and Ultima arch wires can be easily slid into position, allowing doctors to save on their investment through efficiencies.”

The company’s offering is the latest addition in advancements of the Damon Ultima System. It comes with a supporting instrument to move the hook along the wire.

The Ultima Hook enables the orthodontists to move the teeth more effectively with less force, resulting in quicker treatment times and improved patient comfort.

Ormco paid consultant Dr Stuart Frost said: “I am thrilled with the design and performance of the Hook and instrument allowing a simple slide into place on the pre-placed wire. The first time I used the new hook system I was amazed with the precise and secure positioning and repositioning abilities.

“Not only am I saving on inventory space, the value add is incredible because the hook is able to be repositioned up to three times.

“With pre-placement of the hook and all elastic procedures being patient-controlled, appointment time for myself and staff is greatly reduced, saving my practice revenue.”