Opentrons Labworks has secured $200m in Series C financing round to scale its automated lab platform for life science and healthcare segments.

Led by SoftBank Vision Fund 2, the financing round witnessed participation from Khosla Ventures.

Opentrons’ lab platform is said to combine the development of lab robotics, assays, and operations to create quality and cost-effective end solutions.

The Series C funding will help the company to significantly invest in its platform and support the development of new robotic tools, an expanded biofoundry, new diagnostic tests, and additional diagnostic labs.

The automated lab platform will be used by the company to offer diagnostic lab services for health systems.

Through its Pandemic Response Lab subsidiary, the firm company uses the platform for its own subsidiary laboratories to deliver high-throughput molecular diagnostic testing.

The hospitals and health systems have used these testing lab services for more than 4.5 million patient tests across the US last year.

With its Opentrons Robotics business unit, the firm sells lab robotics for life science R&D labs to automate their operations.

Opentrons CEO Jon Brennan-Badal said: “Biology opens the door to solve many of humanity’s grand challenges. For far too long, scientists and clinicians have been locked-in by slow, expensive, and overly complex lab solutions that underpin their work.

“Opentrons’ platform provides the key to unlock their potential. We are enabling more R&D, more testing, more biology to unleash innovation in life sciences and healthcare.”

According to the company, multiple research organisations from over 40 countries are using Opentrons OT-2 robots.  They were deployed in hospital labs across the world to test millions of patient samples throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

With the support of Neochromosome subsidiary, the firm has develop and deployed its biofoundry, which holds the potential to synthesise genome-scale DNA constructs at expected throughput.

With the acquisition of Zenith AI, the firm is also focused on the creation of transformative solutions for the discovery, development, and biomanufacturing of therapeutics.