Medical diagnostics and monitoring solutions provider Onera Health has launched its first Onera Biomedical-Lab-on-Chip, a sensor hub for ultra-low-power bio-signalling.

The biomedical sensor system is designed to acquire and process multiple bio-signals for use with a wide range of wearable health applications and devices.

For the development of its Biomedical-Lab-on-Chip, the company has leveraged its expertise in technology and partnership with nanoelectronics research hub imec.

Imec COO Rudi Cartuyvels said: “Seeing Onera bring this ground-breaking system-on-chip to the market is what imec’s unique experience in semiconductor devices for MedTech applications, and our imec ecosystem, is all about – enabling nano- and digital technology innovation that promises a significant impact on the quality of life.”

Onera Biomedical-Lab-on-Chip is a multi-channel sensor readout system designed with integrated data processing, power management, and interfacing features.

It delivers a broad range of on-chip biomedical sensor readouts, covering EEG, ECG, EMG, and EOG, two bioimpedance readouts, and two readouts for photoplethysmography.

The on-chip digital filters and accelerators, powered by an ARM Cortex M4f, would process the data. The chip features various standard wired interfaces, including UART, SPI, I2C, and I2S.

As the chip operates on a single power source, which can be varied between 0.8V and 3.6V, the power management is also integrated on-chip, said the company.

Also, the chip features a large amount of SRAM and embedded FLASH, which supports the accurate data-synchronisation with a large number of data streams.

Furthermore, the company has recently increased its hiring efforts, including to its leadership team, to support the development and commercialisation of its products.

Onera founder and CEO Ruben de Francisco said: “We are thrilled to introduce Onera Biomedical-Lab-on-Chip in the lead-up to CES 2022 in Las Vegas this week.

“It’s the perfect opportunity to showcase our chip to the wearables ecosystem! Our highly integrated and comprehensive biosignal sensor hub is a unique solution that promises to revolutionise this competitive field.

“It combines clinical-grade physiological measurements and analysis with ultra-low-power consumption, enabling the development of miniaturized and high-quality wearable devices.

“Launching this powerful chip as a stand-alone product within our portfolio, not just as part of our innovative Onera diagnostic and monitoring solutions, is yet another exciting step for our company.”

Last year, Onera closed a Series B funding round, which brought the company’s total funding raised to reach more than €24m.