Global technology company Olympus has signed an exclusive agreement with UVision360 to distribute the latter’s LUMINELLE DTx Hysteroscopy System in the US.

Developed and patented by UVision360, LUMINELLE System has been approved by the FDA for both diagnostic and therapeutic hysteroscopy and cystoscopy.

The system can be used in offices for evaluation of the uterus and bladder pathologies.

UVision360 is engaged in developing a fully integrated hysteroscopy and cystoscopy system to fulfil unmet needs for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures for the modern office.

The company claimed that LUMINELLE DTx Hysteroscopy System has been created by leveraging advanced -tech optics to support the transformation to office-based procedures.

UVision360 chief executive officer Allison London Brown said: “We are excited that Olympus appreciates the opportunity of this transitioning market and signifies the impact that LUMINELLE will have. We believe that Olympus is the right partner with a great team to deliver an improved experience for women and their physicians, and expand the access to LUMINELLE.

“There is great confidence with both teams that the Olympus brand increases the interest of physicians who have been considering a strategic move to increasing their in-office offerings.”

LUMINELLE System is a low-cost alternative to the in-hospital endometrial biopsy

Olympus said that the agreement will represent its aim of transforming the delivery of GYN care, enabling the procedures carried out at the gynecologist’s office.

The LUMINELLE system is designed to provide convenience for office staff and patients, along with cost savings.

The system is said to reduce the number of OR procedures, along with the time out of office for travel, paperwork and perioperative time. Office based hysteroscopy is a low-cost alternative compared to endometrial biopsy conducted in the hospital OR.

In a study conducted on 100 women, 93% were willing to repeat the same procedure if clinically needed and 97% of the women would recommend office hysteroscopy to a friend.

The system will also reduce the number of office visits required to diagnose and treat intrauterine pathology.

Olympus global gynecology general manager, vice president Manisha Shah-Bugaj said: “There is a significant opportunity, for Olympus and UVision360 to provide practices an improved, comprehensive solution. LUMINELLE can enable an optimized procedural workflow, increase productivity at a lower cost and take advantage of a higher level of reimbursement.

“More importantly, we are giving women the option to have certain procedures in the comfort and convenience of their doctor’s office, limiting the patient out-of-pocket costs and enabling a faster return to their routine than typical out-patient hospital OR procedures. These benefits are aligned with the Olympus goal to make lives healthier, safer and more fulfilling.”