NVIDIA has launched an industrial-grade edge artificial intelligence (AI) platform dubbed NVIDIA IGX platform intended to be used for medical edge AI use cases with advanced security and safety.

Powered by the NVIDIA IGX Orin AI supercomputer, the new hardware and software platform is said to provide secure, low-latency AI inference. According to the firm, this helps the platform to address the demand for instant insights from a variety of sensors and devices for medical applications like robotic-assisted surgery and patient monitoring.

IGX is said to come with industrial-grade components designed for medical certification. This makes it easier in taking medical devices from clinical trials to deploying them in the real world.

NVIDIA said that the IGX platform supports its domain-specific platform NVIDIA Clara Holoscan which enables medical device makers to connect edge, on-premises data centres, and cloud services. This integration allows the quick development of new, software-defined devices to directly deliver the latest AI applications into operating rooms, claimed the company.

Three medical device start-ups, Activ Surgical, Moon Surgical, and Proximie are said to have chosen the combination of NVIDIA Clara Holoscan powered by the IGX platform for their surgical robotics systems. The three count among more than 70 medical device firms, medical centres, and start-ups that are already using Clara Holoscan to use AI applications in clinical settings, claimed NVIDIA.

Activ Surgical deployed the Clara Holoscan platform to speed up the development of its AI and augmented-reality solution to get surgical guidance in real-time. The US-based firm aims to minimise surgical complication rates, and enhance patient care and safety by incorporating the information into surgical imaging systems.

Activ Surgical chief technology officer Tom Calef said: “NVIDIA Clara Holoscan will help us optimise precious engineering resources and go to market faster.

“With Clara Holoscan and NVIDIA IGX, we envision that our intraoperative AI solution will transform the collective surgical experience with data-driven insights, helping make world-class surgery accessible for all.”