US-based NovaBay Pharmaceuticals has signed an agreement with regenerative medicine company BioStem Technologies to commercialise the latter’s Amniotic Tissue Allograft for use as a protective covering during ocular surface repair.

Amniotic Tissue Allograft is designed to offer a protective environment or covering for repairing the cornea and conjunctiva. This helps the restoration of the ocular surface to a healthier condition.

Under the partnership, NovaBay plans to commercialise the prescription-only Amniotic Tissue Allograft as Avenova Allograft to leverage its Avenova eyecare brand.

The Avenova brand marketing will also increase the use of the product with other Avenova products, the biopharmaceutical company said.

NovaBay CEO and general counsel Justin Hall said: “Avenova Allograft is a differentiated, high-quality product making it an ideal extension of our eyecare franchise.

“We look forward to launching Avenova Allograft in the coming weeks and making this valuable solution available for the eyecare professionals who specialise in treating dry eye.”

According to NovaBay, the medically essential operations with the Avenova Allograft will be eligible for reimbursement through Medicare.

The allograft is said to be the only optic allograft created using BioStem Technologies’ patented six-step BioREtain method, which maintains the placental tissue’s natural integrity.

BioStem Technologies CEO Jason Matuszewski said: “Avenova Allograft is an ultra-thin, ultra-light structural tissue allograft composed of the amnion layer of the placental membrane.

“Our proprietary six-step BioREtain manufacturing process preserves the natural components of the tissue critical to the wound healing process and creates a product that is high-quality, versatile, and is applicable to a wide variety of topical ophthalmic covering applications.

“It is easy to use, and has no harsh chemicals or cryopreservants. Our company has an unwavering commitment to innovation, developing superior processes and delivering high-quality products.”