Sensible Medical is proud to announce exclusive distribution rights for the USA and Canada of Toul Meditech’s innovative Operio Mobile and SteriStay Clean Air Zone Systems for surgery and special procedures.

The ultraclean H14 filtration system creates laminar airflow at the surgical site, protecting the patient, the surgeon, staff, and surgical instruments from dangerous airborne particulate matter hosting bacteria and viruses such as COVID-19.

Even with the best HVAC systems available, hospitals recognize that particulate matter from dust, lint, and skin shedding is prevalent in the operating room and accentuated by personnel movement, doors opening, etc. These floating particles are a leading cause of Surgical Site Infections (SSI). Operio® Mobile and SteriStay® provide a clean air zone at the point of care, eliminating this concern.

The Operio® Mobile, with a detachable instrument tray, allows for positioning next to the patient and directs ambient air through a two-stage HEPA filtration system.  The filter captures 99.997% of aerosolized particles in the air, emitting a 20″ W x 15″ H x 47″L clean air zone. The SteriStay® is dedicated to a clean air zone over an instrument table measuring 20 W” x 15″ H x 51″ L.

“In light of the COVID-19 pandemic we are facing worldwide, we are very excited to offer Operio® Mobile and SteriStay® to surgeons in the US and Canada,” stated Steve Boutin, CEO, Sensible Medical.  “I believe these clean air flow systems are game changers since they virtually eliminate the concern of particulates being cross-transmitted from patient to clinician and landing on the wound site and instruments.  Surgeons incorporating this technology will be positioned as innovators in safe medical practices.”

Dr. Robert Osher, professor of Ophthalmology at the University of Cincinnati and medical director emeritus of the Cincinnati Eye Institute has been using the Operio® Mobile since 2017.  Dr. Osher along with colleagues Julia G Schneider, MD and Gabriel Figueiredo, MD designed a study to compare the presence of particulate matter ranging from .5 to 5 microns particle size.  A second study was designed to compare lint fibers falling onto the sterile field.  A statistically significant reduction occurred in all three particle size measurements when the Operio® Mobile was used: 79%, 81.7%, and 90.8% in the 0.5, 1.0, and 5.0 µm particles, respectively. The incidence of lint fibers falling on a sterile field was reduced from 6% to 0% when the Operio® was used. Their study concluded that the Operio® Mobile device was highly effective in reducing both particle matter and lint fibers within the sterile field when used during cataract surgery.

“I will not perform surgery without it,” stated Dr. Osher.  “To me, deciding to use the Operio® Mobile was an easy choice.  Having now used the Operio® for three years and seeing the results of our study, I’m a believer.  I use it in every one of my cases, and it gives me a great sense of security.  It makes me feel that I’m creating the safest possible field in which to perform surgery.”

Source: Company Press Release