The new CareFit Pro Medical Cart from Ergotron can help improve caregiver comfort, streamline workflows and create better patient experiences. Developed based on years of research and insights from caregivers, CareFit Pro combines a highly mobile and adjustable design with a broad feature set to help caregivers be efficient and comfortable in their jobs. The cart also includes numerous design elements that contribute to safe and soothing healing spaces for patients.

CareFit Pro’s easy flexibility and expansive sit-to-stand height-adjustment range can reduce strain and help caregivers work comfortably, whether they’re seated or standing. Multiple drawer configurations and optional snap-in accessories for activities like med dispensing and document storage keep necessary supplies within arm’s reach and allow for efficient patient care. Five-inch caster wheels enable easy, smooth movement of the medical cart between rooms and floors. An on-cart battery life display, combined with a hot-swap battery option that provides a dependable, long-lasting charge, can eliminate “power anxiety” – or concerns among caregivers about finding an outlet while caring for patients. Additionally, industry-leading load and cycle testing help ensure the solution is built for longevity.

“Every aspect of CareFit Pro was carefully designed to improve how clinicians carry out their life-changing work,” said Chad Severson, chief executive officer at Ergotron. “We’re excited to introduce this full-featured, highly customizable medical cart to help caregivers work more comfortably, efficiently and safely, and help improve their interactions with patients.”

Healthcare-associated infections pose a serious risk for patients, and CareFit Pro has multiple features to help mitigate this risk. Internal cable management and easy-to-clean surfaces support infection control. Optional UV Angel® automated disinfection technology can also use ultraviolet light to eliminate bacteria and other surface pathogens.

A warm, sleek design contributes to a calming and comfortable healing environment. And features like soft LED lights illuminate caregiver tasks while minimizing patient disturbances at night.

Healthcare providers and their IT departments can use the secure, cloud-based eKinnex® software to track key metrics like battery life and drawer access on CareFit Pro in real time. This can help them keep their medical-cart fleets ready for when they’re needed.

Providers can also work with the Ergotron Services team to leverage their fleet data for preventative maintenance. This can help them extend their investment and ROI, so they can better focus their resources on patients.

Source: Company Press Release