Neurovalens, a global HealthTech company focused on developing innovative neuroscience-powered products to improve lives, introduces Modius SLEEP. The device follows the success of the Company’s first headset, Modius SLIM, which raised $2.5M on Indiegogo in 2017, gaining worldwide popularity with orders from 80+ countries.

Modius SLEEP continues the Company’s mission to improve global health and wellness by providing drug-free, neurological solutions for common health problems. Modius SLEEP is available for $249 for the duration of the campaign on Indiegogo and will retail for $499.

“Thousands of Modius SLIM device users around the world found improved sleep was a welcomed bonus reaction and our motivation for making changes to our technology to create Modius SLEEP,” said Jason McKeown, CEO of Neurovalens. “This new headset taps into the power of the brain’s hypothalamus, which acts as a mini-computer and influences many areas of the brain, including weight loss and sleep. Our aim is to help people avoid sedatives and sleeping pills as they mask the underlying problem and produce unpleasant side effects. We use neuroscience to improve lives through safe, innovative, non-invasive products and have complete confidence our SLEEP device is just as life-changing as our SLIM device has been.”

In a 30-day study, 95% of Modius SLEEP users improved their overall sleep score, with 85% claiming they were satisfied with their improved sleep patterns. Additionally, 71.3% with sleep issues reported positive changes when using Modius SLEEP.

Unlike other sleep headsets that are limited to passively reading brain-wave activity, Modius SLEEP actively stimulates the key sleep neurons in the brain, reducing time it takes to fall asleep and keeping you asleep longer.

The Modius SLEEP headset is worn for 30 minutes before bed with no need to wear in bed. It works by sending a safe electrical pulse into the vestibular nerve that influences the areas of the hypothalamus and brain stem that controls the user’s circadian rhythm and sleep patterns.

Source: Company Press Release