Israel-based Nano-X Imaging (Nanox) has signed a production and supply agreement with Varex Imaging, an X-ray imaging components maker, to advance the development of the former’s Nanox.ARC medical imaging system.

The Nanox.ARC is said to be a multi-source, cost-effective, and user-friendly 3D tomosynthesis multisource imaging system.

Under the agreement, Varex will supply X-ray tubes using the Nanox digital X-ray source for the Nanox.ARC system.

Varex also agreed to produce and provide the X-ray tubes in exchange for payment in the form of a revenue-sharing charge.

The fee will be based on a minimum annual amount per system as per the company’s pay-per-scan revenue from Nanox.ARC systems using Varex X-ray tubes globally.

Additionally, Nanox has committed to using Varex X-ray tubes in a minimum percentage of all deployed and operating Nanox.ARC systems, subject to receiving the necessary local regulatory clearance.

Varex Imaging CEO Sunny Sanyal said: “We are pleased to announce our manufacturing and supply agreement with Nanox. This agreement reflects our belief in the future importance of cold cathode technology.

“Together, we aim to advance medical imaging technology, reduce costs and make a meaningful impact on global healthcare. We look forward to a fruitful and innovative journey ahead.”

Both firms agreed to enter into the agreement following months of Varex’s assessment of Nanox’s digital X-ray source.

Nanox.ARC uses a proprietary and novel digital cathode X-ray source that is said to offer the same functionalities as legacy X-ray cathodes. This allows to reduce the production cost than existing medical imaging systems, the Israeli medical imaging technology provider claimed.

The Nanox.ARC secured a marketing clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a stationary X-ray system in April this year.

Nanox CEO Erez Meltzer said: “Nanox is proud to collaborate with such a trusted and esteemed US partner in medical imaging, especially as we diligently work toward the commercialisation of our Nanox.ARC medical imaging system.

“Our agreement reflects the ingenuity of the Nanox.ARC and our commitment to pioneering a new era in global healthcare accessibility.”