MPE, the largest manufacturer of custom medical device carts, is launching a new program to help medical device OEMs bring their products to market faster and at lower cost. The MACH Series of modular cart components are easily configured, so that any customization effort can be focused in the areas that most impact device workflow. For instance, a standard base, column structure and storage might be combined with a custom top shelf tailored to fit the device.

The MACH series can accommodate over 95% of medical devices and their associated equipment.  They feature superior cable management, with the most accessible cable channels in the industry. A great variety of modular options includes drawers, baskets, IV poles, monitor mounts, bases, casters, columns, shelves, handles and power boxes to name a few.

The MACH series components incorporate MPE’s 40 years of healthcare design experience, and are matched with both a rapid product development process and vertical integration in manufacturing.  This allows a high quality, application-specific solution to be developed and ramped up quickly.  In-house fabrication, powder coating and silk screening ensure that customers never compromise on their brand integrity or design intent.

The MACH platform is particularly well suited to a new device whose demand is still developing.  When volume increases and a full custom solution is desired, MPE can handle that transition as well, bringing unmatched design engineering and knowledge of medical device workflow.

“Customized carts are integral to clinical workflow and patient experience, but are often considered late in the development cycle of medical devices. Developing high-quality custom carts, components and accessories from scratch often requires considerable cost and time. Our medical OEM customers can now leverage MACH’s architecture combined with MPE’s expertise in medical technology workflow to significantly decrease development time, cost and risk, without compromising their product vision or quality.”

Source: Company Press Release