US-based insulin delivery technology company Modular Medical has submitted its next-generation MODD1 insulin pump to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for 510(k) clearance.

Modular Medical created the MODD1 using new microfluidics technology to enable inexpensive insulin pumping.

The 90-day reusable and three-day consumable product is said to be easy to use and prescribe due to its new, intuitive design.

According to Modular Medical, the pump has a 300 unit/3 mL reservoir which is equal to other insulin pumps in the US market.

The device also has a red, yellow and green light system that indicates the status of its operations.

MODD1 has a button on the pump that can be pressed when the person is ready for mealtime bolus.

In addition, the insulin pump is easy to remove as the user can simply click it off and put it back on freely. Upon completion of 90 days, the settings of the existing pump can be transferred easily to the next 90-day pump.

Modular Medical said users can use their phones to monitor the action of the pump. The pump uses a single-use, disposable battery.

Furthermore, the company said all the data is stored securely on the cloud that can be easily accessed by clinicians, enabling coverage for diabetes management time.

Modular Medical CEO Jeb Besser said: “Getting a person who requires daily insulin to adopt a pump instead of multiple daily injections can reduce healthcare costs and improve long-term patient outcomes.

“Pump adoption has been impeded by the ‘three-Cs:’ they are too complex, cumbersome and costly. The MODD1 was designed to be simple and affordable with an attractive form factor.

“We believe our two-part patch pump design, easy-to-learn interface and scalable manufacturing will all contribute to a differentiated and lower-cost marketing approach.”

Based in California, Modular Medical develops patented insulin delivery technologies to improve access to glycaemic control.