Mobidiag has started development of a Novodiag assay for safe and easy molecular testing of novel coronavirus (strain 2019-nCoV) and influenza viruses.

The company, along with Autobio Diagnostics and Automobi Molecular Diagnostics, is developing the Novodiag molecular test for the quick and simultaneous detection of the novel coronavirus and influenza viruses.

Autobio is a Chinese clinical diagnostics company, while Automobi is the joint venture established by Mobidiag and Autobio in May last year.

Autobio director and Automobi general manager Fu Guangyu said: “We are delighted that Mobidiag will use its expertise and know-how to develop an assay that can be used on the Novodiag platform at this critical time.”

The new Novodiag test will help detect both novel coronavirus and influenzas within 30 minutes

The new Novodiag test will use a rapid ‘sample-in, result-out’ system to quickly detect both novel coronavirus and influenzas within 30 minutes.

The fully automated system will safeguard laboratory staff and healthcare providers from possible contamination.

The Novodiag platform is flexible for use in high-risk and hard to reach areas without depending on the highly trained personnel.

The platform aggregates real-time PCR and microarray technologies to facilitate single to high-plex (100+) diagnostics, allowing its use in future applications such as infectious diseases, sepsis and oncology.

The platform helps in the comprehensive screening of multiple or single pathogens in around one hour, enabling it to deliver early treatments to patients and restrict the spread of infection.

Mobidiag CEO Tuomas Tenkanen said: “It is vital that molecular diagnostics solutions be utilised to fight back against novel coronavirus which has emerged as a significant threat to health across the world.

“Our new Novodiag assay will uniquely offer rapid and fully automated molecular profiling to simultaneously detect novel coronavirus and common influenza strains and guide clinicians more quickly towards moving patients to efficient isolation measures and make better-informed treatment decisions, in situations where time is critical.”

In October 2019, Mobidiag secured CE-IVD mark approval for its Novodiag Stool Parasites test.