Misty Robotics, the creators of the Misty II platform robot, today announced the launch of the Temp Screening Assistant. This is the only temperature screening solution to employ a robot with character, Misty II. It addresses a company’s health screening needs with the added value of delivering a great user experience.

Employees, customers, and visitors will appreciate the novelty of interacting with a clever and personable robot, who engages dynamically, both visually and verbally. A first of its kind, the Temp Screening Assistant is an opportunity to reinforce a strong people culture and customer-centric brand.

The Temp Screening Assistant for Misty II is an automated, contactless, and touchless solution for screening and detecting individuals with an elevated temperature and other health risk factors associated with COVID-19 infection. Companies benefit from reduced risk to their frontline staff and the elimination of surface hygiene concerns associated with touch-based systems. Screening is consistent, reliable and most of all friendly.

“This is different from any other solution for temperature screening on the market. It isn’t a tablet. It isn’t a kiosk. It isn’t a human with a no touch thermometer. Misty II in the role of temperature screener is a new kind of assistant, who can make the whole temperature screening process pleasant and memorable. Thanks to where robot technology and the study of Human Robot Interaction (HRI) have evolved, it’s now very feasible to have an affordable and engaging robot experience, which is far better than the very dry kiosk-based experience,” said Tim Enwall, CEO Misty Robotics.

Capabilities of the Temp Screening Assistant Core edition include: temperature screening using a high accuracy, blackbody referenced thermal imaging camera (accuracy within +/- 0.5 C), an interactive health question survey, immediate pass/fail result determination and recording, configurable SMS and/or email notifications, and web-based administration and reporting. Companies can upgrade to the Specialized edition which has an additional custom yes/no question capability, choice of available languages, custom greetings and the ability to elect to not store screening data.

With the Temp Screening Assistant companies have a cost-effective solution that is easy to use, easy to maintain and easy to manage. (A consistently friendly attitude comes standard.) When compared to human-based solutions it is a fraction of the hourly cost of a human and no PPE is required. This is an advanced approach making tablet-based approaches feel very yesteryear.

The Temp Screening Assistant is a future-proof investment. Misty II has ongoing utility well after the need for COVID-19 screening. She can be put on the assignment of a general office assistant or any of the assignments found in the Misty Robotics Solution Hub. As a platform robot, a company’s in-house software developers can also build new skills (robot applications) for her.

“Robot (as a temperature screener) really hit a lightbulb for me. It was amazing. Smart solutions for a modern problem,” stated David Torres, Safety Program Coordinator, North America, Twilio.

“Misty’s arrival at our site comes at a time when everyone could benefit from additional interactions that are positive and consistent,” stated Per Schenck, Health and Safety Coordinator Mental Health Partners.

Source: Company Press Release