Miroculus today announced that it will unveil its first commercial platform, the Miro Canvas, at the Advances in Genome Biology and Technology conference in Marco Island, FL.

Miroculus unveils Miro Canvas at AGBT 2020; first user-programmable digital microfluidics platform enabling all major NGS library prep workflows.
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The Miro Canvas system is able to simplify, automate and miniaturize complex protocols such as NGS library prep, improving library consistency and eliminating the need for complex robotics. The Miroculus platform also decreases sample input requirements and reagent volumes, reducing protocol times and manual interventions, even for users of conventional lab automation.

In its workshop on Tuesday, February 25th at AGBT, Miroculus CSO Fay Christodoulou will present an overview of its technology and the latest data on the new Miro Canvas system. Scheduled for commercial release at the end of this year, Miroculus will begin signing up customers for its Beta program at the meeting.

In a poster presentation with scientists from Stanford University, the team also demonstrated the ability to synthesize DNA to encode or “write” data, and then prepare nanopore libraries to sequence or “read” the DNA, all on the Miro Canvas system. “It’s a great demonstration of the versatility of the technology,” noted Christodoulou.

“We have had prototype systems running at early access collaborators’ sites, and we are excited to see the new commercial system, with expanded capabilities, getting ready to go out for Beta testing,” said CEO Alejandro Tocigl. The company also noted that customers interested in Beta testing who are not attending AGBT can sign up on Miroculus’ website.

Source: Company Press Release