China-based medical device company Mindray has introduced a new wearable patient monitoring solution dubbed mWear system for continuous patient monitoring and tracking.

The monitoring system is intended to enable an efficient clinician’s workflow to monitor patient conditions and provide patient-centric care.

According to Mindray, the mWear system improves routine patient monitoring by using complete wireless interconnection with precise multi-parameter monitoring.

It is also said to offer better clinical outcomes across the entire patient journey through optimised workflows and smooth integration for home-hospital settings, Mindray said.

The mWear system is said to deliver precise measurements of vital signs such as oxygen saturation, non-invasive blood pressure, ECG, respiration rate, temperature, and pulse rate.

Mindray said that the system has an anti-interference ability with a patented anti-motion algorithm to enable clinicians to spot real problems, while reducing false alarms.

Using status indicators, specialised health metrics, and time analysis to record patients’ physical activities and sleep, mWear offers patient-related data to support caregivers in fully and objectively assessing the recovery status of patients.

Mindray global PMLS sales and marketing department general manager Ralph Zhao said: “Integrating the latest monitoring technologies to address clinical needs, we believe that the mWear wearable monitoring system is a solid step forward to reshape the future of patients’ journey and take continuous patient monitoring to a new level.

“It is Mindray’s unremitting commitment to continue upgrading medical solutions that bring high-quality healthcare to every point of care.”

According to the Chinese medical device firm, the system offers customisable measurement settings and monitoring modes for a more efficient workflow to meet various clinical requirements. Clinicians may spot early indicators of deterioration and provide prompt interventions based on the vital sign changes, auto-triggered emergency mode, as well as alert escalations.

Through the Home-hospital App, the mWear wearable solution enables hospitals to effortlessly extend their care services to patients’ homes apart from in-hospital monitoring. The use of a universal CMS platform by the system enables consistent and systematic monitoring of all patients within and outside of hospitals, Mindray said.

Additionally, the technology can help hospitals to lower installation and maintenance costs by utilising the current Mindray IT architecture.