Mindray North America, a subsidiary of China-based Mindray, has signed a new strategic distribution agreement with Aegle Medical Solutions for its Hepatus-Series Transient Elastography Diagnostic Ultrasound Systems.

The Hepatus-Series Ultrasound Systems use transient elastography to offer a complete solution for the non-invasive management of liver disease.

The system incorporates a new suite of quantitative tools for measuring liver disease.

According to Mindray, the system is an easy-to-use and reliable solution for diagnosing liver fibrosis and liver steatosis.

The deal makes US-based Aegle Medical the sole distributor of the Hepatus-Series systems.

Mindray North America president Wayne Quinn said: “As Liver Disease continues to grow as an epidemic, it is important for us to continuously find new ways to better serve patients by enabling their clinicians to get a clear view of liver health with innovative technologies and quantitative tools that are reliable.

“The partnership with Aegle to distribute the Hepatus-Series Ultrasound Systems provides us with an excellent opportunity to better serve those patients and expand our liver care offerings in the US market.”

Aegle Medical Solutions offers healthcare professionals a consultative approach to assist in the assessment and integration of new technology into their clinical settings.

The distribution of the Hepatus-Series under Aegle’s partnership aligns with both businesses’ commitment to addressing the rising incidence of chronic liver disease.

Mindray and Aegle Medical aim to provide non-invasive solutions for the detection, diagnosis, and tracking of liver illnesses in patients.

The partnership is expected to lower the risk of pain and additional consequences that usually accompany traditional methods of diagnosis, such as liver biopsy.

Aegle Medical president and CEO Michael McTighe said: “We are extremely excited about this exclusive distribution agreement with Mindray to introduce to the US market their NexGen transient technology, called the Hepatus.

“At Aegle Medical, we are dedicated to supporting healthcare professionals with emerging technologies that improve their clinical confidence, diagnostic accuracy, and overall patient satisfaction, and that is exactly what Mindray has developed and delivered to the market with the introduction of the Hepatus platform.”