Merit Medical Systems, a manufacturer and marketer of disposable medical devices, has commercialised its TEMNO Elite soft tissue biopsy system in the US.

TEMNO Elite is a single-use device, indicated for use in several soft tissue locations including liver, lung, lymph nodes, kidney, and other soft tissue suspect lesions.

It features a Sample Assist feature to simplify tissue removal, enabling clinicians to retrieve full samples with an easy slide of a button.

Also, the device comes with an optional, valved coaxial introducer that reduces the risk of air entry and fluid leakage, to enhance patient safety.

TEMNO Elite marks the latest addition to the company’s portfolio of biopsy devices, which includes the TEMNO, Achieve, and Tru-Cut families of devices.

Merit Medical chairman and CEO Fred P Lampropoulos said: “Merit is committed to helping physicians provide the best care possible for their patients and this includes the crucial step of accurate diagnosis.

“The TEMNO Elite is the latest innovation in our portfolio of soft tissue biopsy devices, and it highlights Merit’s ability to understand clinician and patient needs and innovate and deliver technologies that advance patient care.

“We are pleased to continue our progress in improving diagnostic accuracy in pathology labs across the nation.”

Biopsies are usually performed to remove and examine tissue, where adequate sample size and quality are crucial for accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Merit Medical claimed that its TEMNO Elite biopsy system leverages Total Core biopsy technology, which will help retrieve superior samples.

The advanced biopsy system will draw samples that are 72% larger in volume compared to rival side-notch, semi-automatic devices, said the company.

Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital diagnostic radiology specialist Stuart Aronson said: “The sample quality of the TEMNO Elite is excellent. The cores are noticeably and consistently larger than other devices.

“The valved coaxial introducer reduces procedural steps and blood leakage and helps to reduce the risk of pneumothorax and air embolism.”

Established in 1987, Merit Medical is engaged in the development, manufacture, and distribution of unique disposable medical devices.

The company offers devices for use in interventional, diagnostic, and therapeutic procedures, particularly in cardiology, radiology, oncology, critical care, and endoscopy.