Medtronic today announced the launch of Efficio, a cloud-based data management software for use with the SynchroMed II intrathecal drug delivery system, that will allow clinicians to more efficiently manage their targeted drug delivery pump practices to treat patients with chronic pain, cancer pain and severe spasticity.

Efficio management software allows clinicians to manage patients’ pumps with greater efficiency and ease by consolidating, organizing and providing visual summaries of patient data from the clinician programmer in a secure cloud environment accessible at anytime, anywhere. Efficio connects individual patient measures and dosing trends, which can help clinicians unlock powerful therapy management insights. Additional benefits include the ability to proactively schedule patient appointments, facilitate prescription drug order tracking for pump refills, and printing reports on-demand. With Efficio, clinicians can manage patient data without the use of spreadsheets and easily export data into their electronic medical records systems as appropriate.

“For years, clinicians have been managing pump patients on their own with internal spreadsheets and other manual processes,” said Chris Beuer, M.D., director of pain management at Christian Hospital in St. Louis, Mo., who was involved with the pilot program. “Now, with the click of a button, I can understand the dosing history of an individual patient or produce end-of-day reports within minutes. Efficio also helps me manage pump refill dates, pump replacements, and monitor trends in dosing and patient function. It provides tremendous value to my practice, allowing me to focus more time caring for my patients.”

“Efficio marks another step in our journey to simplify targeted drug delivery therapy,” said Charlie Covert, vice president and general manager of the Targeted Drug Delivery business, which is part of the Restorative Therapies Group at Medtronic. “We believe providing innovative solutions that simplify management of the therapy will enable clinicians to reduce pain or severe spasticity symptoms for even more patients with this proven therapy.”

Efficio software supports HIPAA compliance and is designed to safeguard protected health information. Data is protected using encryption and authentication. Access restrictions and login time limits are also in place to help protect data.

Source: Company Press Release