Medical device company Medtronic has signed a US distribution partnership with BioIntelliSense for the rights of the BioButton wearable device.

BioIntelliSense will provide the rights of the US hospital and 30-day post-acute hospital to-home of the BioButton multi-parameter wearable for continuous, connected monitoring.

The collaboration enables the Medtronic Patient Monitoring division to provide access to the BioButton device that monitors general care patients’ vital signs in the hospital and after discharge.

By enabling proactive clinical intervention and supporting workflow automation, it promotes the simplification of care delivery while also addressing the effects of workforce shortages.

Designed to simplify care delivery through workflow automation, the device promotes proactive clinical intervention and addresses the effects of workforce shortages.

The proprietary multi-parameter wearable gadget can measure up to 1,440 vital signs each day, including skin temperature, respiration rate at rest, and heart rate at rest.

With the use of advanced analytics and this gadget, physicians may be better able to recognise the early warning signals of patient deterioration and identify individuals eligible for an earlier hospital discharge.

The reconfigurable acute and post-acute modes on the rechargeable BioButton gadget provide continued patient monitoring as patients move from higher to lower acuity settings.

BioIntelliSense founder and CEO James Mault said: “In partnership with Medtronic, we are poised to accelerate continuous connected care models that offer a new level of clinical surveillance and workflow efficiencies for hospitals that are challenged in today’s environment of growing workforce shortages and cost of care management.

“This advanced remote physiologic monitoring simplifies care delivery to facilitate personalized patient care, clinical workflow automation and proactive clinical interventions.”

Medtronic intends to expand its HealthCast portfolio to advance workflow automation so physicians can focus on their patients.

The HealthCast connectivity gateway reduces the need for manual charting, which frees up staff time and improves workflow efficiency by linking disconnected devices to electronic medical records.

The company can now assist more general care patients both inside and outside of hospitals with the addition of the multi-parameter BioButton wearable to the HealthCast portfolio.